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works dedicated to and premiered by Sol Gabetta

Commission by Menuhin Festival Gstaad 2016

First performance: August 2016 Gstaad

„Gran Duo“ for Violin and Violoncello

Rodion Shchedrin (*1932)

August 2016, Menuhin Festival Gstaad

Commission by Menuhin Festival Gstaad and Schleswig-Holstein Musikfestival  2015

Composed for Patricia Kopatchinskaja / Sol Gabetta and the Gstaad Festival Orchestra / Kristjan Järvi

„Dialogue is a lyrical double concerto for violin and cello soloists accompanied by strings and percussion. The overall feeling is simple and light with rhythms close to folk music. The opening pair of  movements are fairly short, the first being an argument between the two soloists while the second is a poignant love duet. The last movement is a set of variations which is more expansive in scope and lasts as long as the first two movements combined. The language is at times tonal with each variation moving in different key areas working up to an emphatic climax and concluding with a very lyrical coda.“

Mark Anthony Turnage (*1960)

„Dialogue“ for Violin, Violoncello and Orchestra

Premiere August 2015. Menuhin Festival Gstaad

Cellist Sol Gabetta has long wanted Pēteris Vasks to compose a concerto for her and on 25 October 2012, Gabetta, in collaboration with the Amsterdam Sinfonietta and its Artistic Director Candida Thompson, presented the new work at last. Klātbūtne (‘Presence’), for cello and string orchestra, was premiered at the music centre De Bijloke in Gent.

Latvian composer Vasks stands out among his contemporaries as an especially versatile composer, writing in different timbres and tunings to create hugely varied sound worlds. This can be heard in his eight works for string orchestra and three concertos for violin and strings. Klātbūtne is the first of Vasks’ works for the combination of solo cello and strings, and the three movement work was commissioned by the Amsterdam Sinfonietta, the Amsterdam Cello Biennale, Eduard van Beinum Foundation and the International Istanbul Music Festival.

Gabetta and the Amsterdam Sinfonietta gave the German premiere of Klātbūtne on 26 October at the Forum am Schlosspark, Ludwigsburg, and two further performances took place on 27 October at the Tonhalle Düsseldorf and on 29 October at the Muziekgebouw, Amsterdam.

Peteris Vasks (*1946)

"presence" Cello-Concerto (2012)

Premiere Oct. 2012, with Amsterdam Sinfonietta

In Michel van der Aa’s cello concerto ‘Up-close’, the traditional interaction of soloist and ensemble is reflected by a mysterious, mirror reality seen on film. When the piece begins, a solo cellist and string ensemble sit on the right of the stage; on the left stands a large video screen. On the screen we see an elderly lady sitting among an arrangement of chairs and music stands that parallels the real-life version on the other side of the stage. It soon becomes clear that this is only one of a variety of interactions across a hall of mirrors created by the soloist, ensemble and film.

Up-close, commissioned by the European Concert Hall Organization and featuring the Argentinean cellist Sol Gabetta and Amsterdam Sinfonietta, is thus a cello concerto duplicated and magnified until it reaches the boundary of video opera.

Michel van der Aa (*1970)

"Up Close", Cello-Concerto (2011)

Premiere Oct. 2011, with Amsterdam Sinfonietta