Sol Gabetta
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Thu 18.10.2018


Please don’t tell the health and safety people but there was some very dangerous music played in the Royal Concert Hall on Tuesday evening: so dangerous that it caused 2,000 people to stop breathing and several hearts to miss a beat.

Elgar’s Cello Concerto reaches deeply into the souls of British audiences and so it was even more poignant to hear it played by the visiting Dresden Philharmonic and their multi-national soloist. Cellist Sol Gabetta not only plumbed to the spiritual core of this much-loved work but also seemed to banish any associations with the Edwardian England in which it was written to make it truly universal.

Hers was a performance of deeply moving vulnerability. The transition from the yearning first movement into the nervous energy of the Scherzo showed Sol Gabetta at her most creative, so tentative in the way she sought for a new direction. Equally moving was the Adagio in which she created the music’s heart-wrenching appeals, the intensity heightened by sensitively judged silences between the sighing phrases.

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- Nottingham Post, William Ruff, 07.10.2015