Sol Gabetta
drives BMW

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Thu 18.10.2018


Patkop and Solgab sounds like a firm of Brooklyn pawnbrokers. In fact it’s a jaw-dropping musical duo — bold, bracing and sometimes a bit berserk — making Bach sound as provocative as Xenakis and the avant-garde miniatures of Jörg Widmann as playful as a Scarlatti sonata. [...] In the meat of their recital, however – magnificently challenging 20th and 21st-century pieces – they were mesmerising. Ravel’s epic Sonata for Violin and Cello and Kodály’s equally profound Duo for Violin and Cello both date from the aftermath of the First World War, yet in these hands they sounded ferociously contemporary: anguished and agitated, yet shot through with moments of surprising spiritual repose. [...]

- The Times, Richard Morrison, 28.04.2017